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Tempered glass floor inlays from Inner Vision Artwork add a special touch to commercial interiors. Whether in retail stores, restaurants, lobbies or other locations, these tempered glass inlays will make a lasting impression. Design one with your corporate logo, or use one of our inlay patterns to enhance your interior design. All glass is ASTM certified for floor applications and the image is applied to the back of the material to prevent wear due to abrasion..

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floor inlays

floor inlays

custom floor mats

custom floor mats


custom floor mats

Yet another way to express a brand, dress up an entrance or even welcome a special guest. These light duty floor mats display crisp, high resolution images and dramatic colors, adding a distinctive touch to business and commercial interiors. Great for restaurants, car dealerships, hotel lobbies.


Can be personalized for residential applications. A great closing gift from Real Estate agents.


Not recommended for heavy duty environments like ski lodges, these striking floor mats are priced low enough that they can be replaced on a regular basis.


Any image from Inner Vision can serve as a potential background, or we can create a custom design (like the one at right) for an extra charge.

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Corporate Identity

The floor at left was designed for a client who wanted a corporate logo on a floor that matched the surrounding tile. We simulated the tile as a background then layered the logo over the top. The resulting image was reproduced on the back of 12x12 glass tiles to provide just the effect the client was looking for.

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