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According to Mr. Saunders, the substance to be crystallized is concentrated in a liquid form and evaporated - in the case of wines, spirits and beers (the "three basic food groups"), the artist consumes the liquid in the container leaving a few drops to be crystallized. This personally guarantees the quality of the liquid being transformed into an artistic masterpiece. To view the image collections click here >>>
Possessing what have become know as the "Swedish Gene", the artist has never suffered the consequences so often attributed to the consumption of "stimulating" liquid beverages, thus allowing his total focus on the art process undeterred by unseemly inebriation. Moreover, the process of consuming most of the liquid makes the art creation process somewhat more enjoyable.


The substance is centrifuged, several drops evaporated on a glass slide. The resulting crystal is placed under a microscope and inspected with cross polarized light or DIC (differential interference contrast) microscopy techniques. Formation of the crystal shape and adjustment of the frequency of the light passing through the crystal is essential in the art creation process - resulting in birefringence (color) luminescence of the crystal.


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