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A resident of the Washington DC area for 35 years and now living in Clearwater, Florida, Tom Saunders is a global business development advisor who has held executive positions with major corporations along with U.S Congressional, Executive Branch and White House appointments. Since 2001 his interest in creating crystal micrographics has turned into an internationally sought after art form.
Each image is captured using highly specialized photomicroscopes. The crystals themselves are no larger than the point of a pin, shot under cross polarization. All the color you see is natural, exactly as it appears in the microscope. More details on the process Saunders applies to create crystals and capture his images can be found here.




Saunders has created images from a wide variety of materials such as fruits, drugs, wines, spirits, beers, even soups! He has also created collections based on characteristics of the images themselves. The images to the right are from the Atlantis Collection and the Outer Space Collection, respectively. More >>>

Atlantis              Outer Space
Collection             Collection




Inner Vision Artwork announces the Crystal Synergy line of designer table tops, featuring images from T. H. Saunders. Here is your opportunity to create a fantastic new theme for your restaurant, bar, night club, brew pub, grill or lounge. Perfect for wine bars, where each table can be a different type of wine. We can even do bar and counter tops. Learn about this unique opportunity. More>>>




Dazzling reproductions of Saunder's images on Chromaluxe panels, aluminum and floor mats were recently displayed in a showcase exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry. Discussions are under way to tour this exhibit at major musuems across the country.


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