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Paul Nelson is a Florida based programmer and digital image creator. His work ranges from pure geometrical designs to abstracts that reflect floral and even architectural influences.

Thematic nuance sets the tone for much of Paul Nelson's work. You see flowers, buildings, oceans, stars and galaxies in his computer generated images.

Other times the theme is pure abstract, blending color and pattern into fantastic designs. The results are intriguing, a mesmerizing adventure into pure creativity.

Stunning use of color and light!

Breath taking dimensionality!

Intricate detail!

Science meets art in the incredible fractal imagery of Paul Nelson!

hearts and vines


paul nelson artwork

Paul Nelson’s images can be reproduced on gloss ceramic tile, glass and aluminum.

Tile murals make an elegant statement, and can be scaled to almost any size.

Reproduce Paul’s fractals on glass then back light them for even more dramatic effect.

For a stunning, ready to hang piece of art, have Paul’s images printed on Chromaluxe image panels.

And for unique impact and an almost holographic effect, we can reproduce Paul’s images on aluminum panels up to 3x5 feet in size!

paul nelson
paul nelson blue wheel
paul nelson garden flower
paul nelson lucy ball
paul nelson spring bouquet

fractal multiplication

Occasionally, Inner Vision can take an initial Paul Nelson image and turn it into a repeating pattern for use in large murals. The results are large images of enormous complexity.

paul nelson
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