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With all the focus on global warming, resource shortages and other population impacts on our planet, detail specific images from Geo Essentials and Inner Vision Artwork can help make a unique design statement for projects large and small.

Palm Jumeirah islands

Palm Jumeirah, off the coast of Dubai

florida satellite image
world flat
imaging expertise

Inner Vision Artwork can utilize high resolution images of the states of the United States to create compelling murals and image panels of all sizes. A dramatic design idea for:

Legal offices
Public buildings
Real estate firms
Colleges and Universites

inner vision artwork
continents collection
Planet Earth is the source of fantastic beauty. Captured in high resolution, digitally enhanced, and reproduced on materials that maximize color depth and dimensionality, Inner Vision creates “earth art” with intensity and dramatic impact. Available as murals of tile or glass (which can be back lit for even greater impact) and as aluminum panels up to 3x5 feet in size.
susan kubes reef

bahama sands satellite image

Resembling a new age painting right out of an art gallery in Venice Beach, California, this is in fact a satellite image of the ocean floor in the Bahamas. Tides and ocean currents sculpted sands and seaweed into these multicolored, fluted patterns in much the same way winds sculpt the vast sand dunes of the Sahara.

continents at night

Derived from a computer enhanced satellite image of the deserts in the country of Chad, the “face” is a composit created by mirroring the original image then combining the two into a single work of “earth art”. Fantastic colors, wonderful patterns and the resulting spooky face reproduce on tile into a magnificent work of art.

inner vision artwork
north america at night
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