Aluminum Products by Innervision Artwork
art ribbons

* Create fantastic images on panels up to 3x5 feet in size!

* Frame and hang as wall art.

* Easy to clean. We use this material to make dry erase note boards and calendars!

* Set in a framework to use as a wall divider.

* Suspend on wires from high ceilings in commercial or public buildings.

* Adhere two pieces back to back for double sided art.

Use outdoors, in humid environments (steam baths, pools, spas!)

* Fantastic for building and community design renderings.

* Great for trade show signage and displays!

Aluminum Products Aluminum Products
Aluminum Products

Aluminum Products

Here’s a special set of panels we did for an academic client who needed creative, attention grabbing print capabilities for high resolution images.

White Boards

license plate artwork

functional art

This 34x36 inch dry erase board is used by our client to display upcoming events in the club house. Re-purpose the same image and it becomes license plates for the golf carts!

aluminum erase board

Trade Show Signs

Aluminum is light weight and durable... and stunning under trade show lighting. In this example, the background water image wants to flow onto the floor. And, you’d swear it was back lit!
trade show sign
Aluminum art
To prove the versatility of this wonderful material, we did the image to the left as a mural,using 9x16 inch pieces of aluminum. From more than a few feet away, you can’t tell it’s not one piece. And the colors speak for themselves!!!

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Patio Panels

patio panels

Enhance your patio, lanai, pool deck, courtyard or outdoor kitchen with our NEW, Fantastic patio panels. Made of sturdy aluminum, change them with the season.

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