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“Inner Vision” is more than just a name. It’s the concept at the heart of the company. We look at wonderful works of art and imagine how they can take advantage of new materials. We look at materials and imagine how we can apply them in new ways with today’s computer graphic capabilities. And we look at markets, asking ourselves how the application of art and materials can create exciting products. The result is a design mind-set that integrates artistic imagery, evolving materials and market need/opportunity.

Brent Armstrong
Brent Armstrong, Founder and President

Great art can be more than just a print on a wall. Materials can enhance the overall effect of art just as digital techniques can enhance an original image. And materials open new avenues for artistic visibility. They allow us to incorporate great imagery in new ways, put it on new surfaces, create new applications and new products.

The “Inner Vision” that drives us is this sense that art can be enhanced – sometimes transformed – by materials, and that materials open new, ever expanding venues for artistic expression.

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Today, Inner Vision Artwork creates murals, borders and inlays made with tile, glass, stone and porcelain using its own images and those provided by a select group of artistic partners. We also reproduce artwork onto aluminum panels, Chromaluxe image panels, cutting boards and floor mats, always with an eye for the highest degree of artistic quality.

The company’s products are designed for commercial clients including hotels, restaurants, resorts, health care facilities, corporate offices, public buildings, museums, retail businesses. We also make products for high-end residences and condominiums.

Beyond our product lines, Inner Vision reproduces artwork onto our materials for independent artists. Occasionally we license images from these artist partners for incorporation into our product lines.

Everything Inner Vision does is a custom project, sized and tailored to meet specific client needs, using computer technologies and advanced digital techniques. Whether with our images, your image, or a custom image creation, depend on Inner Vision to bring you:


James Coleman and Brent Armstrong

Inner Vision founder Brent Armstrong with world famous artist James Coleman

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